Investigations by Prof. Lucio Fiorini :

Aquileia (Udine) Locality “Grandi Terme”  November2011

In collaboration with the Department of History and Cultural Heritage of the University of Udine, geophysical explorations in the“Grandi Terme” sector in Aquileia (Udine) have been carried out.


 Collazzone (PG) - Locality Le carceri

In the period 2011-2012 a campaign of geophysical exploration and surveys in the area surrounding the locality Le Carceri (Municipality of Collazzone - Province of Perugia) was carried out, where archaeological structures represented by two cisterns with walls in concrete work are well-known since longtime. 

Gravisca - Tarquinia (VT)

Surveying and geophysical exploration campaigns have been carried out in the archaeological area of Gravisca, the ancient Etruscan port of Tarquinia and the seat of an important emporium sanctuary. The research activities, carried out with the help of the students participating in the excavation and then developed also under the didactic aspect, concerned the geo-reference on a cartographic base UTM-WGS84 of the main archaeological structures identified during the excavation campaigns. 

Villa Adriana - Tivoli

In the period between 18 and 21 November 2013 a campaign of geophysical exploration was conducted at Villa Adriana (Tivoli) in order to identify any buried archaeological structures. The explorations were carried out in collaboration with Columbia University in New York (USA).

Bribir (Sibenik-Knik County), Hrvatska

In 2014, a geophysical exploration campaign was carried out at the Bribirska Glavica site on a hill in Skra din (Croatia) in order to identify and map the archaeological structures related to the pre-Roman and Roman settlement that occupied the top area of the hill surrounded by walls. The explorations were carried out in collaboration with the Macquarie University of Sidney (Australia).

The field work has made it possible to identify, in the whole area where the explorations were carried out, a series of anomalies related to archaeological structures.

 Geophysical survey within the Project “Pots and People of the Neolithic Tavoliere, Puglia”, Foggia.

In the period from 25 to 27 June 2015, a pilot test of geophysical exploration was carried out in two Neolithic sites in the province of Foggia to verify the usefulness of these methods of non-invasive investigation for the project “Pots and People of the Neolithic Tavoliere Puglia” co-directed by Craig Alexander (McDonald Institute for archaeological Research), Keri A. Brown (University of Manchester) and Robert H. Tykot (University of South Florida).